07:00 amDarrell Scott6 O'Clock in the MorningTheatre of the UnheardFull Light RecordsCDtrack
07:07 amChad Brothers and Alexis BarclayLong AfterLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:14 amBob ReederCarrickfergusCeltic SoulCurran RecordsCDtrack
07:21 amFlannigan's Right HookGreensleevesFlannigan's Right HookBig Deal RecordsCDtrack
07:26 amThe Young DublinersFisherman's BluesRedHigher Octave MusicCDtrack
07:30 amErnest James ZydecoThought About VenusJubileeJam Rat RecordsCDtrack
07:34 amBCRLove in Outer SpaceSpeck of DustIndependentCDtrack
07:41 amPhishBouncing Around the RoomA Live OneElektraCDtrack
07:45 amMickey Hart BandFire on the MountainDownload101 DistributionCDtrack
07:55 amFlannigan's Right HookCooley's ReelFlannigan's Right HookBig DealRecordsCDtrack
08:00 amUmphrey's McGeeBelieve the LieSafety in NumbersHanging BrainsMusicCDtrack
08:07 amScythianImmigrant StompImmigrant Road ShowIndependentCDtrack
08:12 amGaelic StormWhat's the Rumpus?What's the RUmpus?Lost again recordsCDtrack
08:18 amSuper Massive Black HolesBreak Some BonesSuper Massive Black HolesIndependentCDtrack
08:22 amThe EldersForever FriendWanderin' Life & TImesPubtone RecordsCDtrack
08:26 amBlack Crack RevueTeenie Boppers in AtlantisSongs From the Cosmic CreviceSparkling BeatnikCDtrack
08:39 amKellyWorld Turned Upside DownDairWerts music StudioCDtrack
08:44 amThe KelihansKellySingleIndependentCDtrack
08:47 amPhishSimpleA Live OneElektraCDtrack
08:51 amThe Mickey Hart BandWho Stole the ShowMysterium Tremendum101 DistributionCDtrack
08:57 amBlack Crack RevueDinosaur BreakfastSongs From the Cosmic CreviceSparkling BeatnikCDtrack