12:00 pmPrairie AcreRock the CradleJaybird & the Sparrow HawkIndependentCDtrack
12:03 pmPrairie AcreRed Clay HaloStairstep RoadIndependentCDtrack
12:06 pmJudy CoderSioux City SueTibute to Patsy MontanaBranson Star RecordsCDtrack
12:09 pmAlan Jabbour, Mike Seeger & Bob DalsemerBilly in WaynesboroFresh Oldtime String Band MusicRounderCDtrack
12:17 pmJoan Baez & Jeffrey ShurtleffDrug Store Truck Driving ManWoodstock SoundtrackCotillionCDtrack
12:20 pmJoan BaezJoe HillWoodstock SountrackCotillionCDtrack
12:23 pmChuck Rosenberg, Saul Brody, Bull DurhamPlayed Around and Stayed Around Vietnam Too LongIn Country - Folk Songs of the Vietnam WarFlying FishCDtrack
12:32 pmNanci GriffithThe Loving KindThe Loving KindRounderCDtrack
12:35 pmNanci GriffithNot Innocent EnoughThe Loving KindRounderCDtrack
12:39 pmBryan BowersFour Wet PigsHome Home on the RoadFlying FishCDtrack
12:41 pmKen BloomShove That Pig's Foot Further in the Fire/The Snouts and Ears of AmericaBloom's General StoreNew TimesCDtrack
12:44 pmAdam MillerThe Three Foolish PigletsAlong Came a GiantFolksinging.orgCDtrack
12:45 pmThe HaintsChattanooga/Sheeps and Hogs Walking Through the PastureShout MonahIndependentCDtrack
12:54 pmStokes County String QuartetMabelFresh Oldtime String Band MusicRounderCDtrack
12:57 pmMike Seeger, Norman & Nancy Blake, James BryanBlack Jack DaveyFresh Oldtime String Band MusicRounderCDtrack
01:02 pmMike AgranoffGypsy Davey, One Year AfterOr Would You Rather Get a JobIndependentCDtrack
01:10 pmBob WalserRollin' Down the RiverLandlockedOld and New TraditionCDtrack
01:15 pmBob WalserDrinkin' That WineWhen Our Ship Comes HomeOld and New TraditionCDtrack
01:21 pmBluegrass CrusadeWhite House BluesA Year of the Prairie DogPrairie Dog MusicCDtrack
01:27 pmNick CharlesMeditation RagCloser to HomeBlack Market MusicCDtrack
01:35 pmAndy CohenPea VinePlay It a Long TimeRiverlark MusicCDtrack
01:39 pmRick MalsickAthenaAthenaIndependentCDtrack
01:46 pmMike SeegerSpanish FandangoEarly Southern Guitar SoundsSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
01:49 pmRon Kane & Skip GormanPowder RiverPowder RiverFolk-Legacy RecordsCDtrack
01:51 pmRon Kane & Skip GormanYodeling CowboyPowder RiverFolk-Legacy RecordsCDtrack
01:56 pmMike DowlingD.W. WashburnBeats Workin'Strictly Country RecordsCDtrack