11:00 amTullamoreStep It Out MaryLive at Six Strings & Coffee BeansTullamoreCDtrack
11:04 amOpen the Door for ThreeJohn Egan'sOpen the Door for ThreeCD BabyCDtrack
11:08 amTullamoreMairi's WeddingLive at Six Strings $ Coffee BeansTullamoreCDtrack
11:13 amEddie DelahuntThe Curragh of KildareAlive at O'Dowd'sEddie DelahuntCDtrack
11:17 amBurning Bridget ClearyClay Slaps/ The Appropriate Dipstick/ Trip to Miriam'sPressed for TimeCD BabyCDtrack
11:22 amBurning Bridget ClearyStor Mo Chroi/ Eddie Kelly'sPressed for TimeCD BabyCDtrack
11:29 amEddie DelahuntThe Brendan VoyageTriurEddie DelahuntCDtrack
11:33 amOpen the Door for ThreeSnug in the BlanketOpen the Door for ThreeCD BabyCDtrack
11:37 amSeamus KennedyThe CalabarSailing Ships and Sailing MenCD BabyCDtrack
11:42 amAshley DavisLessons in IrishDown by the SeaCD BabyCDtrack
11:46 amWe Banjo 3If We Hadn't Any Women in the World/ The New Irish Barn DanceRoots of the Banjo TreeCD BabyCDtrack
11:50 amFlannigan's Right HookMurphy's WifeBlack is the Colour (EP)Pubtone RecordsCDtrack
11:56 amOpen the Door for ThreeMiles WeatherhillOpen the Door for ThreeCD BabyCDtrack
12:00 pmSkerryvoreJailhouse JigsSkerryvoreTyree RecordsCDtrack
12:05 pmBurning Bridget ClearyTwo SistersPressed for TimeCD BabyCDtrack
12:11 pmSeamus KennedyRolling Home to Old New EnglandSailing Ships and Sailing MenCD BabyCDtrack
12:17 pmSkerryvoreAngry FiddlerSkerryvoreTyree RecordsCDtrack
12:20 pmSeamus KennedyThe Irish RoverSailing Ships and Sailing MenCD BabyCDtrack
12:25 pmMick Conneely and David MunnellyThe High Caul Cap/ Napoleon Crossing the Alps'Tis What It IsCD BabyCDtrack
12:28 pmWe Banjo 3We All Need More Kindness in This WorldRoots of the Banjo TreeCD BabyCDtrack
12:31 pmWe Banjo 3Poor Old Liza Jane/ Dance Boatman DanceRoots of the Banjo TreeCD BabyCDtrack
12:37 pmMick Conneely and David MunnellyThe Jolly Tinker/ The Yellow Tinker/ The Longford Tinker'Tis What It IsCD BabyCDtrack
12:41 pmAshley DavisThe Flower of Magherally-oDown by the SeaCD BabyCDtrack
12:44 pmSkerryvoreClueless WifeSkerryvoreTyree RecordsCDtrack
12:52 pmMick Conneely and David MunnellyThe Rakes of Kildare/ Haley's Favourite/ Flanagan's'Tis What It IsCD BabyCDtrack
12:57 pmAshley DavisRaglan RoadDown by the SeaCD BabyCDtrack
04:00 pmKen PerlmanBeaumont RagClawhammer Banjo & Fingerstyle Guitar SolosFolkways RecordsCDtrack
04:03 pmBluegrass TravelersBanjo StretchFonotone Records Disc 3Dust-to-DigitalCDtrack
04:06 pmWe Banjo 3Martin Wynne's #2/ Martin Wynne's #1/ The CoalminerRoots of the Banjo TreeCD BabyCDtrack
04:11 pmBlack-Tie BanjoEspanolaAt HomeCD BabyCDtrack
04:14 pmMike SeegerAmerican Spanish FandangoSouthern Banjo SoundsSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
04:18 pmSteve MartinClawhammer MedleyCrow: New Songs for the Five String BanjoRounder/umgdCDtrack
04:21 pmEric WeissbergDueling BanjosAppalachian StompRhinoCDtrack
04:23 pmMike SeegerJim Crack CornSouthern Banjo SoundsSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
04:27 pmDamaris WoodsThe Doune Lodge Two-Step Jig/ Amy's RollerskatesWith a Banjo on My KneeCD BabyCDtrack
04:32 pmBlack-Tie BanjoGypsy LoveAt HomeCD BabyCDtrack
04:36 pmSteve MartinBanana BanjoCrow: New Songs for Five String BanjoRounder/umgdCDtrack
04:38 pmKen PerlmanRoad to MexicoNorthern BanjoCopper CreekCDtrack
04:42 pmCathy FinkFrosty MorningBanjo HaikuCommunity MusicCDtrack
04:45 pmJoel MabusBubba's 3 B'sRhyme SchemesFossil RecordsCDtrack
04:54 pmOtis TaylorRand So Hard the Sun Went DownRecapturing the BanjoTelareCDtrack
04:58 pmDessie KelliherDermot Grogan's/ Daz Jig/ Substitute for SportBanjoedDessie KelliherCDtrack