12:00 pmChris CooleOld DogOld DogCanada Council for the ArtsCDtrack
12:07 pmChris CooleCamp Meeting on the 4th of JulyOld DogCanada Council for the ArtsCDtrack
12:11 pmChris Coole & Ivan RosenbergFarewell TrionFarewell TrionIndependentCDtrack
12:13 pmPat Conte & Bob GuidaGod Don't Ever ChangeLets Go Huntin'Susquehanna Hat Record CoCDtrack
12:24 pmDan Levenson and the Boiled BuzzardsLittle Billy WilsonSalt & GreaseOld Time MusicCDtrack
12:26 pmDan Levenson and the Boiled BuzzardsThree Thin DimesSalt & GreaseOld Time MusicCDtrack
12:30 pmEuphoria String BandGood Bye Miss LizaBack AgainEuphoria String BandCDtrack
12:34 pmEuphoria String BandGod Gave Noah the Rainbow SignBack AgainEuphoria String BandCDtrack
12:44 pmTim O'Brien and Alison Brown with John Hartford String BandM.I.S.I.P.Memories of John (Hartford)Red Clay RecordsCDtrack
12:47 pmTim O'Brien & George Buckner with John Hartford String BandLorenaMemories of John (Hartford)Red Clay RecordsCDtrack
12:53 pmAddie GrahamDarling Don't You Know That's WrongBeen A Long Time TravelingJune AppalCDtrack
12:56 pmBob Carlin with John Hartford String BandShe's Gone (and Bob's Gone With Her)Memories of John (Hartford)Red Clay RecordsCDtrack
01:02 pmBlue HighwayClear CutThe Journey HomeAurora LightsCDtrack
01:05 pmDebra CowanWho Brought the FloodThe Journey HomeAurora LightsCDtrack
01:12 pmJason & Pharis Romero w/Sammy LindLadies on the SteamboatBack Up & PushLula RecordsCDtrack
01:15 pmJason & Pharis Romero w/WB ReidBull at the WagonBack Up & PushLula RecordsCDtrack
01:18 pmChris CooleHell to PayOld DogCanada Council for the ArtsCDtrack
01:23 pmBob & Diana SuckielMr. CheneyRecorded live at KKFIN/aCDtrack
01:26 pmBob & Diana SuckielRolled and TumbledRecorded live at KKFIN/aCDtrack
01:35 pmTim & Myles ThompsonHallelujah ChorusRoad RunnerHidden Giant MusicCDtrack
01:39 pmTim & Myles ThompsonGypsy SambaRoad RunnerHidden Giant MusicCDtrack
01:46 pmKathy MatteaBlue Diamond MinesThe Journey HomeAurora LightsCDtrack
01:55 pmThe Prairie AcreHop HighWho'll Rock the CradleIndependentCDtrack