07:00 amEddie DelahuntOld Irish FestTriurIndependentCDtrack
07:06 amKellyHired Hands with SarsfiledsDairIndependentCDtrack
07:10 amKellyThe Balkaan SetLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:16 amBob ReederNancy WhiskeyKansas City Irish Fest 2003-2012IndependentCDtrack
07:20 amThe KelihansRagged RosieLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:24 amGaelic StormThe Night I Punched Russell CroweWhat's the Rumpus?Lost again recordsCDtrack
07:27 amEileen IversCrossing the BridgeCrossing the BridgeCrossing the BridgeCDtrack
07:37 amSprag SessionThe GwanwatchaKansas City Irish Fest 2003-2012IndependentCDtrack
07:44 amFlannigan's Right HookWhiskey in the JarFlannigan's Right HookBig Deal RecordsCDtrack
07:47 amScythianBoyko DreamImmigrant Road ShowIndependentCDtrack
08:00 amThe EldersStory of a FishRacing the TidePubtone RecordsCDtrack
08:04 amMillishHungry Man #1MillishMillishCDtrack
08:09 amRed Hot Chili Pipers15 ClocksBagrock to the MassesRELCDtrack
08:17 amThe EldersPacky Go HomePass it on DownPubtone RecordsCDtrack
08:23 amScythianTuesday MorningImmigrant Road ShowIndependentCDtrack
08:32 amGaelic StormDon't Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good StoryWhat's The Rumpus?Lost again recordsCDtrack
08:39 amPogeyWalk With MeKansas City Irish Fest 2003-2012IndependentCDtrack
08:44 amThe Young DublinersRocky Road to DublinWith All Due Respect429 RecordsCDtrack
08:48 amEileen IversGravelwalkCrossing the BridgeSony MusicCDtrack
08:52 amThe ElderAppalachian PaddyWanderin' Life and TimesPubtone RecordsCDtrack