12:00 pmNotoriusOtter CreekThe Road to DamacusBlack Sec KC PressCDtrack
12:02 pmHoney Boy EdwardsRoamin & Ramblin Blues --- IntroDelta BluesmanEarwigCDtrack
12:03 pmHoney Boy EdwardsRoamin & Ramblin BluesDelta BluesmanEarwigCDtrack
12:06 pmHoney Boy EdwardsIn Front of the Library of CongressDelta BluesmanEarwigCDtrack
12:10 pmHoney Boy EdwardsWind Howlin BluesDelta BluesmanEarwigCDtrack
12:13 pmHoney Boy EdwardsWorried Life BluesDelta BluesmanEarwigCDtrack
12:17 pmHazel DickensMama HandsHand PickedRounderCDtrack
12:22 pmLaurie Lewis & Tom RizunSleepy Eyed John & Tom & JerryHand PickedRounderCDtrack
12:26 pmBela FleckWhite WaterHand PickedRounderCDtrack
12:30 pmMemphis MinnieHe's In the RingHarry Smith Anthology - Vol # 4RevenantCDtrack
12:33 pmHoward ArmstrongJohn HenryLouie BluieBlue SnitCDtrack
12:34 pmMonroe BrothersNine Pound HammerHarry Smtih AnthologyRevenantCDtrack
12:37 pmGreg BrownWho Would of Thunk ItThe Best of Folk MusicRhinoCDtrack
12:41 pmMike AgranoffThe FolkieOr Would You Rather Get a JobIndieCDtrack
12:45 pmWoody GuthrieMu DaddyMy Dusty RoadIndieCDtrack
12:50 pmTom JuvanichA Miner's LifeTom Juravich- Out of the DarknessFlying FishCDtrack
12:53 pmLarry PennThe Whiskey's GoneThe Whiskey's GoneCookiemanCDtrack
01:00 pmJoe GlazerInterviewInterviewIndieCDtrack
01:15 pmJoe GlazerInterviewInterviewIndieCDtrack
01:30 pmJoe GlazerInterviewInterviewIndieCDtrack
01:40 pmJoe GlazerInterviewInterviewIndieCDtrack
01:45 pmJoe GlazerInterviewInterviewIndieCDtrack
01:50 pmJoe GlazerInterviewInterviewIndieCDtrack
01:55 pmLarry PennJoe Could SingJoe Could SingCookiemanCDtrack
01:57 pmMannyThere is Power In the UnionSongs of LaborSmithsonianCDtrack