09:00 pmParsley soundFnd the heatParsley soundsMowaxCDtrack
09:00 pmGhostKiseichukan niteHypnotic underworldDrag cityCDtrack
09:00 pmBlitzen trapperBelow the hurricaneDestroyer of the voidSub popCDtrack
09:00 pmAvi buffaloRemember last timeAvi buffaloSub popCDtrack
09:00 pmPhosphorescentTell me babyHere's to taking it easyDead oceansCDtrack
09:00 pmBlue aeroplanesSeason ticket to a bad placeSpitting out miraclesFireCDtrack
09:00 pmHoward iceberg & cheri woodsI draw the lineDozensOne worldCDtrack
09:00 pmLeon redboneBittersweet waltzUp a lazy riverPrivate musicCDtrack
09:00 pmThe bird and the beeThe racesPlease clap your handsEmiCDtrack
09:00 pmAnn peeblesI take what i wantStraight from the heartHiCDtrack
09:00 pmEarth wind and fireEnergyThe need of loveWarner brothersCDtrack
09:00 pmSpearhead & ernest ranglinI got plenty o' nothin'Red hot and rhapsodyAntillesCDtrack
09:00 pmMatmosZealous order of candied knightsCivil warMatadorCDtrack
09:00 pmMarvin etzioniIt don't cost muchThe world is a wonderful placeGreen linnettCDtrack
09:00 pmVonda shepherdSerious richardIt's good, eveIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmLonnie fisherFloating palaceRSVPIntelligent designCDtrack
09:00 pmChris thomas kingKissWhy my guitar screams and moansBlind pigCDtrack
09:00 pmJimi hendrixCatfish bluesBluesMCACDtrack
09:00 pmAretha franklinJumpin' jack flashArethaAtlanticCDtrack
09:00 pmJimmy reedTake out some insuranceBoss soundsMojoCDtrack
09:00 pmThe postal serviceRecycled airGive upSub popCDtrack
09:00 pmClinicIf you could read your mindVisitationsDominoCDtrack
09:00 pmAndy warhols..and then i dreamt of yesEarth to the dandy warholsBeat recordsCDtrack
09:00 pmNick caveThe carnival is overKicking at the pricksMuteCDtrack