08:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansEssential cyril nevilleMc recordsCDtrack
08:06 amGina siciliaIt wasn't realIt wasn't realVizztoneCDtrack
08:10 amJohnnie johnsonJohnnie's boogieEvidence samplerEvidenceCDtrack
08:13 amRobert jr lockwoodRambling on my mindEvidence samplerEvidenceCDtrack
08:16 amDan blissThats what i'm here forThat's what i'm here forIndepCDtrack
08:19 amRay charlesBustedGreatest hitsBlack tulipCDtrack
08:21 amRay chrlesLets go get stonedGreatest hitsBlack tulipCDtrack
08:25 amJohn lee hookerThis is hipThe definitive collectionUnion squareCDtrack
08:28 amJohn lee hookerBoom boomThe definitive collectionUnion squareCDtrack
08:32 amJimmy johnsonDriving nails in my coffinJohnson's whacksDelmarkCDtrack
08:36 amJimmy johnsonStrange how i miss youJohnson's whacksDelmarkCDtrack
08:40 amMarcia ballPeace love bbqPeace love bbqAlligatorCDtrack
08:45 amSon houseLevee camp bluesKing of delta bluesFuelCDtrack
08:49 amEric bibbShine onDiamond daysFlat brim recordingsCDtrack
08:53 amHadden sayersBack to the bluesHard dolalrBlue corn musicCDtrack
08:58 amHadden sayersCrush on youHard dollarBlue corn musicCDtrack
09:00 amChuck berryPromised landChuck berry yowPrimoCDtrack
09:05 amHowlin wolfThe red roosterThe best of howlin wolfChessCDtrack
09:12 amEtta jamesI'd rather go blindThe best of chess recordsChessCDtrack
09:15 amAlbert kingThe very thought of youAlbert king the ultimate collectionRhinoCDtrack
09:18 amBig bill morganfieldNo butter for my gritsBlues with a moodBlack shuck recordsCDtrack
09:25 amSamantha fishOther side of the bottleRunawayRufCDtrack
09:33 amCommander cody and the lost planet airmenDown to seeds and stems again bluesLive from deep in the heart of texasMcaCDtrack
09:35 amThe louisiana gator boys and the blues brothers bandNew orleansBlues brothers 2000UniversalCDtrack
09:40 amBb kingSweet little angelBb king: live at the regalMcaCDtrack
09:45 amRain dogsMeat shakin womanHair of the dogIndepCDtrack
09:47 amTaj mahal, sam moore, joe morton, sharon riley and the faith choraleJohn the revelatorBlues brothers 2000UniversalCDtrack
09:50 amDuane allmanLoan me a dimeAn anthologyPolygramCDtrack
10:03 amSon sealsTelephone angelMidnight sonAlligatorCDtrack
10:12 amSamantha fishGo to hellBlack wind howlinRufCDtrack
10:16 amJunebug and the porchlightsBeer bottle boogie(live recording)IndepCDtrack
10:19 amShannon and the rhythm king bandSweet loving daddyShannon and the rhythm king bandIndepCDtrack
10:21 amShannon and the rhythm king bandGrinning in my faceShannon and the rhythm king bandIndepCDtrack
10:27 amJoe turnerCall the plumberKc here i comePableCDtrack
10:37 amBonnie raittNever make your move too soonRoad testedCapitolCDtrack
10:41 amBobby rushChicken headsFolk funkDeep rushCDtrack
10:45 amBobby rushSaints gotta moveFolk funkDeep rushCDtrack
10:52 amErja lyytinenJealousyForbidden fruitRufCDtrack
10:56 amDinah washingtoBaby you got what it takesBest of dinah washingtonUniversalCDtrack