09:01 pmNow EnsembleHow About NowNowNew AmsterdamCDtrack
09:10 pmTimothy Andres and David KaplanThe Night Jaunt/Trip by TrainShy and MightyNonesuchCDtrack
09:26 pmBang on a Can All-StarsInstructional VideoBig Beautiful Dark and ScaryCantaloupeCDtrack
09:29 pmNow EnsembleFolk MusicNowNew AmsterdamCDtrack
09:43 pmEighth BlackbirdFriction SystemsStrange Imaginary AnimalsCedilleCDtrack
09:59 pmEighth BlackbirdStill Life With AvalancheMeanwhileCedilleCDtrack
10:08 pmTimothy Andres and David KaplanHow Can I Live in Your World of Ideas?Shy and MightyNonesuchCDtrack
10:19 pmAmerican Contemporary Music EnsembleFuture Shock I-IIILoving the Chambered NautilusNew AmsterdamCDtrack
10:36 pmBang on a Can All-StarsMatt DamonBig Beautiful Dark and ScaryCantaloupeCDtrack
10:40 pmBang on a Can All-StarsBreakfast at J&MBig Beautiful Dark and ScaryCantaloupeCDtrack
10:43 pmNow EnsembleCloudbankNowNew AmsterdamCDtrack
10:52 pmTimothy Andres and David KaplanPavane (pour un compositeur defunt)Shy and MightyNonesuchCDtrack