12:01 pmThea WestcottFields of GoldCromwell ... and other roadsTimberland RidgeCDtrack
12:05 pmThea WestcottSanta Ana WindCromwell ... and other roadsTimberland RidgeCDtrack
12:09 pmMary McCaslinSantana SongA Life & A TimeFlying FishCDtrack
12:13 pmJonatha BrookeMy Sweet and Bitter BowlThe Whole WorksBad Dog RecordsCDtrack
12:19 pmGrascalsThe Famous Lefty Flynn'sThe Famous Lefty Flynn'sRounderCDtrack
12:22 pmCindy NoveloBach/Sandy Land/Broken WingStone's ThrowVinland Moon MusicCDtrack
12:26 pmSteve & Kristin NebelRaven SpeaksRaven SpeaksIcebird RecordsCDtrack
12:31 pmNeptune's CarOcean Born MaryStrawberry MoonIndependentCDtrack
12:36 pmTodd Hallawell & Robin KessingerDavy Jones HornpipeEar CandySunset RecordingsCDtrack
12:40 pmWilliam Pint & Felicia DaleThe Wreck of the Lady WashingtonHearts of GoldWaterbugCDtrack
12:45 pmThe Midday RamblersSkeeter BitThe Midday RamblersBluegillCDtrack
12:48 pmThe Midday RamblersI Don't Go Stepping OutThe Midday RamblersBluegillCDtrack
12:51 pmThe Prairie AcreUncle Charlie Barnett Lowe's TuneWho'll Rock the CradleIndependentCDtrack
12:55 pmUtah PhillipsGoing AwayGood ThoughPhiloCDtrack
01:00 pmPop Wagner & Dakota Dave HullStarlight on the RailsAirshipArabica RecordsCDtrack
01:03 pmBob Bovee & Gail HeilBill Morgan & His GirlRural Route 2Marimac RecordingsCDtrack
01:06 pmAndy Cohen & Jack RadcliffeFour Hands, No WaitingFour Hands, No WaitingWepecket IslandsCDtrack
01:12 pmEd MillerCholesterolLowlander-Songs of Scotland, Old and NewWellfield RecordsCDtrack
01:16 pmBrian McNeillCzarlie Is My Darling/These Boots Were Made for WalkingshawTo Answer the PeacockFenn MusicCDtrack
01:19 pmEd MillerThe Prince of DarknessLowlander-Songs of Scotland, Old and NewWellfield RecordsCDtrack
01:30 pmJack WilliamsThe High Road HomeThe High Road HomeWind River RecordsCDtrack
01:37 pmJames KeelaghanHouse of CardsHouse of Cards (Sing Out v. 53#3)Borealis (Sing Out)CDtrack
01:41 pmJack WilliamsHand Me DownHigh Road HomeWind River RecordsCDtrack
01:46 pmWillie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris KristoffersonHighwaymanThe HighwaymenColumbiaCDtrack
01:50 pmWillie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Kris KristoffersonDesperados Waiting For a TrainThe HighwaymenColumbiaCDtrack
01:54 pmLucy KaplanskySwimming SongOver the HillsRed HouseCDtrack
01:57 pmJosh HungateWhiskey Before BreakfastOn My WayJosh Hungate MusicCDtrack