12:00 pmAndy MayStanBlackberry JamSwift River MusicCDtrack
12:05 pmAndy MayBlackberry JamBlackberry JamSwift River MusicCDtrack
12:08 pmMark Alan WadeFlight of the Bumble Bee-BopWay Over the WaterfallBlarney Stone RecordsCDtrack
12:11 pmRichard Smith & Julie AdamsFlight of the Bumble BeeLiving Out A DreamIndependentCDtrack
12:15 pmJIm HurstDew on the MountainIntrepidNN Guido MusicCDtrack
12:20 pmJIm HurstGadget DaddyIntrepidNN Guido MusicCDtrack
12:22 pmRichard Smith & Julie AdamsBeatles MedleySeems Like Old TimesIndependentCDtrack
12:29 pmQuebe Sisters BandAcross the Alley From the AlamoTimelessFiddleTone RecordsCDtrack
12:32 pmQuebe Sisters BandRoly PolyTimelessFiddleTone RecordsCDtrack
12:34 pmMarley's GhostSouth for a ChangeJubileeSage ArtsCDtrack
12:41 pmMark Alan WadeHoedownGrassrootsIndependentCDtrack
12:45 pmBruce GraybillSomeone to Watch Over MeThe Bell EffectMando Kinetics MusicCDtrack
12:49 pmTricia SpencerThe Coo-Coo BirdFiddlin' Like There's No TomorrowIndependentCDtrack
12:59 pmJohn Wort HannamDamn TattooBrambles & ThornBorealisCDtrack
01:02 pmLou & Peter BerrymanHard Work and PerseveranceWe Don't Talk About ThatCornbelt RecordsCDtrack
01:05 pmJudy Hyman & Dick HymanRalph's WatchLate Last SummerLeft ear recordsCDtrack
01:10 pmDan Wheetman & Jerry FletcherColored AristocracyDown the Road ApieceSage ArtsCDtrack
01:13 pmDan Wheetman & Jerry FletcherWhere the Soul Of Man Never DiesDown the Road ApieceSage ArtsCDtrack
01:16 pmBig MedicineSit Down (I Can't Sit Down)Too Old To Be ControlledYodel-Ay-HeeCDtrack
01:26 pmBig MedicinePretty Little ShoesToo Old To Be ControlledYodel-Ay-HeeCDtrack
01:28 pmDave Lippman/Wild Bill BailoutWild Bill/The Panic Is OnFood, Clothing & GlaciersIndependentCDtrack
01:32 pmBeppe GambettaI'm Worried Now/Texas Gales/Doc's GuitarSlade StompGadfly RecordsCDtrack
01:39 pmBruce SpringsteenI Ain't Got No HomeA Vision Shared-A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and LeadbellyFolkwaysCDtrack
01:42 pmWoody GuthrieGypsy DaveyFolkways: A Vision Revisited-The Original Performances of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie and LeadbellyLegacy InternationalCDtrack
01:45 pmBono and U2Jesus ChristA Vision Shared-A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and LeadbellyFolkwaysCDtrack
01:51 pmStephen BennettDo Not Forsake MeCool Tunes for Harp GuitarCimirron/Redbird RecordsCDtrack
01:54 pmMarley's GhostDiamond JoeJubileeSage ArtsCDtrack