09:00 pmMiguel riosSong of joySong of joyIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmThe seedsIt's a hard lifeThe seedsEdselCDtrack
09:00 pmRocket from the tombWhat love isThe day the earth met rocket from the tombsSmog veilCDtrack
09:00 pmRy cooderIf there's a godPull up some dustNonesuchCDtrack
09:00 pmSouthern culture on the skids40 miles from vegasPlastic seat sweatDgcCDtrack
09:00 pmWammoA real gone guyFat headed strangerMercuryCDtrack
09:00 pmThe louvin brothersWhile you're cheatin' on me..When i stop dreamingRazor and tieCDtrack
09:00 pmJ.e. mainerFill me up a bottle20 old time favoritesRural rhythmCDtrack
09:00 pmWilcoArt of almostThe whole loveNonesuchCDtrack
09:00 pmThe jayhawksGuilder annieMockingbird timeRounderCDtrack
09:00 pmJuana molinaEl desconfiadoSegundoIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmBob dylanJust like tom thumb's bluesNo direction homeColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmRoger wallaceI ain't gonna waste my timeThat kind of lonelyIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmCarl sonny leylandI believedI'm wise!HmcCDtrack
09:00 pmThe knittersGo down swingin'The modern sounds of the knittersZoeCDtrack
09:00 pmLink wrayGood rockin' tonightLaw of the jungleACECDtrack
10:00 pmLink wrayCross tiesJack the ripperForever moreCDtrack
10:00 pmHoneywagenLife goes onRadio wowRock o planeCDtrack
10:00 pmThe wizards from kansasHardly ever think of youOrionIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmDead girlsWhy the sun kills the moonOut of earshotIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmTom ovansSixth avenueStill in this worldEvangelineCDtrack
10:00 pmThe beatlesI want to tell youRevolverParlophoneCDtrack
10:00 pmImogen heapThe moment i said itSpeak for yourselfRCACDtrack
10:00 pmThe go-betweensDive for your memoryBellevista terraceBeggar's banquetCDtrack
10:00 pmJon dee grahamMy lucky dayIt's not as bad as it looksFreedomCDtrack
10:00 pmKendra smithHimalayan bells/wheel of lawThe guild of temporal adventurersFreedomCDtrack
10:00 pmEveryday/everynightAn ellipsesEtcGolden sound recordsCDtrack
10:00 pmMegafaunReal slowMegafaunIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmNeil youngCortez the killerZumaRepriseCDtrack
10:00 pmHospital shipsBird in fursLonely twinIndependentCDtrack