12:00 pmLiam KellyLark on the Strand/Diplodocus/The Bride's FavouriteSweetwoodClo Lar ChonnachtaCDtrack
12:05 pmPlanxtyThe Green Fields of AmericaCold Blow and Rainy NightShanachieCDtrack
12:12 pmMick O'Brien and Caoimhin O'RaghallaighYoung Tom Ennis/The Rose in the HeatherKitty Lie OverCD BabyCDtrack
12:19 pmThe CorriesGenlyon LamentBonnet Belt and SwordBgoCDtrack
12:22 pmAlasdair Fraser and Paul MachlisRuileach Calleach, Shealadh Calleach/The Bird's Nest/Harris DanceScotland the RealSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:28 pmJack Talty and Cormac BegleyWillie Clancy's Mountain Top/Da Nippin Grund/denis Murphy'sNa Fir BolgRaelach RecordsCDtrack
12:31 pmJoe HeaneyThe Valley of KnockanureRoad from ConnemaraTopic RecordsCDtrack
12:39 pmChris Smith with Roger Landes and Randal BaysNaCeannabhain Bhana/Hardiman the Fiddler/Drops of BrandyCoyotebanjoChris SmithCDtrack
12:44 pmPlanxty"P" Stands for Paddy, I SupposeCold Blow and Rainy NightShanachieCDtrack
12:49 pmPhil CunninghamThe WeddingThe Palomino WaltzGreen LinnetCDtrack
12:53 pmWolfstoneHeart and SoulPick of the LitterGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:00 pmBattlefield BandTake Me to the SeaThe Road of TearsTemple RecordsCDtrack
01:03 pmGoitseBring Me a BoatGoitseGoitseCDtrack
01:08 pmJimmy CrowleyLowlands LowThe Coast of MalabarIndependentCDtrack
01:11 pmCara DillonStanding on the ShoreSweet LibertyRough Trade USCDtrack
01:16 pmTalitha MacKenzieRol Hol Ill LeoSolasShanachieCDtrack
01:24 pmDanuThe Peeler's Jacket/The Milliner's DaughterThink Before You ThinkShanachieCDtrack
01:28 pmSheeGed Is Grianach An LathaA Different SeasonShee RecordsCDtrack
01:32 pmOfra Harnoy and Derek BamptonDanny BoyThe Fabulous Danny Boy AlbumRCA VictorCDtrack
01:36 pmMairi MacInnesOrosayOrosayGreentraxCDtrack
01:42 pmPaul AndersonHeather and EilidhHome + BeautyGreentraxCDtrack
01:45 pmSimon ThoumireRed Red RoseEnglish InternationalIndependentCDtrack
01:50 pmDallaThree Sisters/Wheag Ha TeagMore SaltCDBYCDtrack
01:54 pmEileen IversGravelwalkCrossing the BridgeSonyCDtrack