01:13 amPoguesThe Sick Bed of CuchulainnRum, Sodomy and the LashRhinoCDtrack
12:00 pmBryan BowersBattle Hymn of the RepublicBy HeartFlying FishCDtrack
12:05 pmBryan BowersArther Along/Angel BandFriend for LifeFlying FishCDtrack
12:16 pmRain DogsFrance BluesRain DogsRain DogsCDtrack
12:21 pmRain DogsTrouble in MindRain DogsRain DogsCDtrack
12:26 pmFebruary SkyBilly BoyFebruary SkyFebruary SkyCDtrack
12:31 pmFebruary SkyRelaxed FitFebruary SkyFebruary SkyCDtrack
12:36 pmMark ErelliLet's Make a FamilyHillbilly PilgrimSignature SoundsCDtrack
12:40 pmMark ErelliBrand New BabyHillbilly PilgrimSignature SoundsCDtrack
12:47 pmEmma's RevolutionLiving PlanetRoots, Rock and RevolutionMoving Forward MusicCDtrack
12:50 pmEmma's RevolutionWho LiesRoots, Rock and RevolutionMoving Forward MusicCDtrack
12:53 pmHolly NearFired Up!And Still We SingCalico Track MusicCDtrack
12:56 pmHolly NearVoicesAnd Still We SingCalico Tracks MusicCDtrack
01:02 pmMatt and Shannon HeatonWhere the Moorcocks CrowLovers' WellEats RecordsCDtrack
01:06 pmMatt and Shannon HeatonBotany BayLovers' WellEats RecordsCDtrack
01:18 pmPoguesDirty Old TownRum, Sodomy and the LashRhinoCDtrack
01:24 pmEden MacAdam-Somer and Larry UngerLowdown Hoedown/Beth Cohen/KolomeikeNotoriousBlack Socks RecordsCDtrack
01:28 pmEden MacAdma-Somer and Larry UngerThe New RailroadNotoriousBlack Socks RecordsCDtrack
01:40 pmRain DogsMe and My Chauffeur BluesHair of the DogRain DogsCDtrack
01:43 pmDublinersWhiskey in the JarBest of the Original DublinersEmd Intl.CDtrack
01:46 pmPogues with Kirsty MacCollFairytale of New YorkBest of the PoguesRhinoCDtrack
01:50 pmMark ErelliThe Drinking GourdMemorial Hall RecordingsSignature SoundsCDtrack
01:54 pmMatt and Shannon HeatonNew Married CoupleLovers' WellEats RecordsCDtrack
01:57 pmRud EileA Man You Don't Meet Every DayRud EileTraditionalCDtrack