12:00 pmCormac de BarraGeorge Brabazon/Planxty HewlettBarcoInvisible HandsCDtrack
12:04 pmMaire Breatnach/de BarraThe Swaggering Jig/Drops of Brandy/Hardiman the FiddlerTarraing TeadCladdaghCDtrack
12:07 pmJim MalcolmThe Valley of StrathmoreThe First Cold DayCDBYCDtrack
12:12 pmBrendan NolanThe Lark in the Clear AirSong BrookCDBYCDtrack
12:17 pmGirsaThe Rolling Hills of the BorderA Sweeter PlaceRiverrollickCDtrack
12:21 pmDarren McMullenDanny BoyDecadeIndependentCDtrack
12:28 pmTim Langen and Helen GubbinsThe Boys of Twenty-Five/The Connaught HeifersIrish Traditional MusicIndependentCDtrack
12:30 pmJim MalcolmAn Hour In the GloamingThe First Cold DayCDBYCDtrack
12:38 pmPatsy TouheyThe Monaghan JigThe Francis O'Neill CylindersWard Irish Music ArchivesCDtrack
12:41 pmCormac de BarraThe Monaghan JigBarcoInvisible HandsCDtrack
12:48 pmBrendan NolanKing LearSong BrookCDBYCDtrack
12:56 pmRobbie O'ConnellThe SingerHumorous Songs - LiveCDBYCDtrack
01:03 pmGirsaThe Mountains of PomeroyA Sweeter PlaceRiverrollickCDtrack
01:08 pmDarren McMullenThe Little Red-Haired Beggar BoyDecadeIndependentCDtrack
01:11 pmJim MalcolmThe ShearingThe First Cold DayCDBYCDtrack
01:22 pmSara GreyLazy JohnA Long Way From HomeFellsideCDtrack
01:26 pmCheckered PastWhole FoodUnreleased TracksIndependentCDtrack
01:29 pmKieron MeansOne More MileFar as My Eyes Can SeeFellsideCDtrack
01:36 pmPaul McKenna BandTerror TimeStem the TideGreentraxCDtrack
01:39 pmIan Walsh and Kevin BuckleyTongs by the Fire/THe Hole in the HedgeKeeping It ReelCDBYCDtrack
01:42 pmBrendan NolanWhatever ya say, say nothin'Song BrookCDBYCDtrack
01:49 pmRobbie O'ConnellTwo NationsRecollections Vol. 1CDBYCDtrack
01:57 pmDarren McMullenSonata #1 in CDecadeIndependentCDtrack