09:00 pmYoung marble giantsMusic for eveningsColossal youthIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmGang of fourThe history of the worldA brief history of the 20th centuryWarnerCDtrack
09:00 pmSiouxsie & the bansheesHong kong gardenPeel sessionsDutch east indiaCDtrack
09:00 pmThe mekonsPsycho cupidOriginal sinTwin toneCDtrack
09:00 pmBauhausKing volcanoBurning from the insideBeggars banquetCDtrack
09:00 pmSex pistolsPretty vacantNever mind the bollocksWarner brothersCDtrack
09:00 pmThe olympicsWellFabulous flips vol. 2AceCDtrack
09:00 pmDean carterSugareeCall of the wildIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmSlim harpoDon't start crying nowFabulous flips vol. 2AceCDtrack
09:00 pmThe pro teensCharmaineRockin & boppin in phillyCollectorCDtrack
09:00 pmCurtis leeGee how i wish you were hereFabulous flips vol. 2AceCDtrack
09:00 pmThe big boysRock rock rockabye babyRockin and boppin in phillyCollectorCDtrack
09:00 pmJerry hahnSlick and sharpMosesFantasyCDtrack
09:00 pmJonathan wilsonIsn't it a pityHarrison coveredMojoCDtrack
09:00 pmFleet foxesHelplessness bluesHelplessness bluesSub popCDtrack
10:00 pmRose polenzaniBitter heartRabbitIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmGene clarkPast addressesTwo sides to every storyPolydorCDtrack
10:00 pmHeadlightsYour old streetKill them with kindnessPolyvinylCDtrack
10:00 pmBeirutGuyamas sonoraThe flying club cupBa da bingCDtrack
10:00 pmBrownie mcgheeI was fooledGreat bluesmen in britainIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmJohnny guitar watsonI'm tiredHot just like TNTAceCDtrack
10:00 pmWynton marsalisJuba and a o'brown squawSwinging into the 21st centuryColumbiaCDtrack
10:00 pmDarondoGet up off your buttListen to my songBGPCDtrack
10:00 pmTim buckleyBuzzin' flyHappy sadElektraCDtrack
10:00 pmTim buckleySong to the sirenStarsailorStraightCDtrack
10:00 pmTim buckleyHong kong barGreetings from l.a.StraightCDtrack
10:00 pmBrent berryA memoryMonsoonFifth sunCDtrack