08:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansEssential cyril nevilleMc recordsCDtrack
08:05 amLittle pink andersonIn the jailhouse nowSongs from the rootsMusic makerCDtrack
08:09 amDrink smallWidow womenSongs from the rootsMusic makerCDtrack
08:13 amMud catSavannah mamaSongs from the rootsMusic makerCDtrack
08:17 amSunnyland slimEverytime i get to drinkingSmile on my faceDelmarkCDtrack
08:21 amBig mama thorntonBlack ratBall and chainArhoolieCDtrack
08:23 amHowlin wolfMoanin at midnightChess bluesChessCDtrack
08:29 amRichard shindellWaist deep in the big muddyVueltaKoch recordsCDtrack
08:33 amJohn mooneySacred groundWhere blues crosses overRufCDtrack
08:38 amLarry garnerDo your personal thingWhere the blues crosses overRufCDtrack
08:43 amMagic slimHelp meEvidence blues samplerEvidenceCDtrack
08:48 amDarrell nulischTrick or treatI like it that waySevernCDtrack
08:52 amDarrell nulischYou tore my playhouse downI like it that waySevernCDtrack
08:56 amSon sealJust about to lose your clownBad axeAlligatorCDtrack
09:00 amJames mcmurtryChoctaw bingoLive in aught threeCompadreCDtrack
09:09 amDiunna greenleafIf you want me to stayLiveIndepCDtrack
09:15 amDiunna greenleaf29 waysLiveIndepCDtrack
09:19 amKoko taylorWang dang doodleThe best blues album in the world everVirginCDtrack
09:26 amBone shakerCold sweatThe best blues album in the world everVirginCDtrack
09:30 amCurtis salgadoSweet jesus buddha the doctorWiggle out of thisShanachieCDtrack
09:33 amCurtis salgadoCookie doughWiggle out of thisShanachieCDtrack
09:38 amCurtis salgadoWiggle out of thisWiggle out of thisShanachieCDtrack
09:44 amBb kingNever make your move too soonBlues masters vol 17RhinoCDtrack
09:51 amJohnny adamsOne foot in the bluesBlues masters vol 17RhinoCDtrack
09:56 amSam layHowd you learn to shaake it like thatBlues masters vol 17RhinoCDtrack
10:05 amScreamin jay hawkinsI put a spell on youEvidence samplerEvidenceCDtrack
10:11 amSonny boy williamsonYour funeral my trialChess box setChessCDtrack
10:13 amSonny boy williamsoNfattening frogs for snakesChess box setChessCDtrack
10:15 amHowlin wolfEvilChess box setChessCDtrack
10:20 amSamantha fishLets have some funBlack wind howlinRufCDtrack
10:24 amSamantha fishBlack wind howlinBlack wind howlinRufCDtrack
10:29 amIan siegalI am the trainCandy store kidNugene recordsCDtrack
10:34 amIan siegalHard pressedCandy store kidNugeneCDtrack
10:42 amRuth brownA good day for the bluesBox of the bluesRounderCDtrack
10:47 amHolmes brothersPromis landBox of the bleusRounderCDtrack
10:51 amCedell davisIf you like fat womenFeel like doing something wrongFat possumCDtrack
10:54 amMichelle wilsonShifting sandBox of the bluesRounderCDtrack