09:00 pmUncle DirtytoesWall of DeathMake Them Come AliveIndependentCDtrack
09:08 pmCadillac FlambeDevil's BranchEli's PorchIndependentCDtrack
09:17 pmEric SommerWhite Knuckled girlsEric SommerIndependentCDtrack
09:25 pmCadillac FlambeStruck by the KnifeEli's PorchIndependentCDtrack
09:33 pmCadillac FlambePlaying with FireEli's PorchIndependentCDtrack
09:45 pmHaunted CreepiesDrag Racin' DraculaThe Haunted CreepiesIndependentCDtrack
09:47 pmHaunted CreepiesSkiffle HauntTHe Haunted CreepiesIndependentCDtrack
09:49 pmThe Fair MountersWoodstock and BluegrassWoodstock and BluegrassIndependentCDtrack
09:53 pmThe Fair MountersGoing HomeWoodstock and BluegrassIndependetCDtrack
09:59 pmBCRBlue MomoSpeck of DustIndependentCDtrack
10:05 pmBCRKrankenhaus JujuSingleIndependentCDtrack
10:10 pmBCRIn The NightSpeck of DustIndependentCDtrack
10:14 pmBCRCal for All DemonsSpeck of DustIndependentCDtrack
10:23 pmAlacartoonaHide the BodyLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
10:24 pmAlacartoonaThe ApartLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
10:30 pmThe hearersGhost of Something BurningThe HearersIndependentCDtrack
10:34 pmThe HearersEmbalmer's Version of ParadiseThe HearersIndependentCDtrack
10:41 pmRiverrockGhost Riders in the SkyShuddup and PartyKaw Point RecordsCDtrack
10:46 pmThe Wizards From KansasShe Rides with WitchesThe Missing MessageIndependentCDtrack
10:50 pmSuper Massive Black HolesBreak Some BonesLive RecordingIndependentCDtrack
10:54 pmThe BopaphonicsAttack of the Fifty Foot ChickenSingleIndependentCDtrack
10:58 pmHaunted CreepiesThe Phantom of the PipelineThe Haunted CreepiesIndependentCDtrack