08:59 amCyril nevilleCream them beansEssential cyril nevilleMc recordsCDtrack
09:05 amSteve aiarFlatlandsDelta soulRide recordsCDtrack
09:10 amCarey and lurrie bellShort dress womanSecond natureAlligatorCDtrack
09:14 amJohn mooneyTake time to know herTestimonyDominoCDtrack
09:20 amJohn mooneyPlead guiltyTestimonyDominoCDtrack
09:23 amMighty mo rodgersCadillac ranchCadillac jackTin drum musicCDtrack
09:30 amMichael bramIt dont matter where you get your appetiteSuitcase in the hallVizztoneCDtrack
09:34 amAnn rabsonIt aint loveNot aloneVizztoneCDtrack
09:36 amOtis taylorMy souls in louisianaWhite africanNorthern bluesCDtrack
09:40 amTufVirginia creeperPhiladelphia sessionsIndepCDtrack
09:47 amShannon and the rhythm kingsThe road homeThe road homeIndepCDtrack
09:50 amKirk fletcherCongo squareMy turnEclectro grooveCDtrack
09:55 amChris cainReal bad fallCuttin looseBlind pigCDtrack
09:57 amChris cainYoure the kinda woman that aint that hard to findCuttin looseBlind pigCDtrack
10:02 amCharlie woodIt is makes me a dollarLuckyInside soundsCDtrack
10:06 amRichard johnstonChicken and gravyFoot hill stompIndepCDtrack
10:12 amCraig chaquicoRollin and tumblinFire red moonBlind pigCDtrack
10:15 amJames blood ulmerLets talk about jesusBad blood in the cityHyenaCDtrack
10:19 amJames blood ulmerKatrinaBad blood in the cityHyenaCDtrack
10:23 amGuy forsytheMonaSteakAntonesCDtrack
10:23 amDELBERT MCCLINTONThe rubRoom to breatheNew westCDtrack
10:30 amCedric and lightninMy girlJuke joint duoMalcolm burnside recordingsCDtrack
10:33 amJimmy hallTwenty nine waysRendevous with the bluesCapricornCDtrack
10:36 amTeresa jamesLong way from texasCome on homeJasiluCDtrack
10:39 amDelbert mcclintonSame kinda crazyRoom to breatheNew westCDtrack
10:47 amJ edwardsEatin at lulasLulas houseSerenity hillCDtrack
10:51 amProfessor longhairBald headCrawfish fiestaAlligatorCDtrack
10:55 amPROFESSOR LONGHAIRCrawfish fiestaCRAWFISH FIESTAAlligatorCDtrack
11:01 amJames mcmurtryChoctaw bingoLive in aught threeCompadreCDtrack
11:10 amMud catRattle snakeMud sweat and beerMusic makerCDtrack
11:15 amCootie starkJigarooSugar manMusic makerCDtrack
11:22 amMichael burksFeel like going homeShow of strengthAlligatorCDtrack
11:27 amMaria muldaurIts a ble4ssingBlues guitar womanRufCDtrack
11:33 amJimmy hallTwenty nine waysRendevous with the bluesCapricornCDtrack
11:37 amPaul thornBurn down the trailer parkAint love strangePERPETUAL OBSCURITYCDtrack
11:41 amEllis paulHurricane angelThe day afterBlack wolfCDtrack
11:48 amHoney island swamp bandSeeds and stemsWishing wellCsm musicCDtrack
11:50 amGuy forsytheTricks of the tradeSteakAntonesCDtrack
11:54 amErja lyytinenDreamland bluesBlues guitar womenRufCDtrack