12:00 pmBodie WagnerHalloweenBodie WagnerIndependentCDtrack
12:06 pmN/a - author is Richard Chase, story read by Steve PetersMr. FoxN/a, book is American Folktales and SongsN/a, book publisher is DoverCDtrack
12:18 pmPhil CooperMr. FoxAngleworm WiggleIndependentCDtrack
12:24 pmDirk PowellPretty PollyIf I Go 10,000 MilesRounderCDtrack
12:28 pmPhil Cooper & Margaret NelsonDeath of Young AndrewAcross the WaterIndependentCDtrack
12:34 pmMichael CooneyLady Isobel & the Elf KnightPhiladelphia Folk FestivalFlying FishCDtrack
12:42 pmJohn Roberts & Tony BarrandReynardineDark Ships in the ForestFolk-LegacyCDtrack
12:45 pmHarry TuftsThe Griesly BrideAcross The Blue Ridge MountainsFolk-LegacyCDtrack
12:49 pmJoan BaezThe Great SilkieThe Ballad BookVanguardCDtrack
12:55 pmDean GitterThe Flying DutchmanGhost BalladsRiverside-Folklore SeriesCDtrack
12:58 pmMary McCaslinGhost Riders in the SkyPrairie in the SkyPhiloCDtrack
01:02 pmBob DyerPhantom Black CarriageSongtellerBig Canoe RecordsCDtrack
01:10 pmThe Holy Modal RoundersVoodoo Queen MarieAlledged in their Own TimeRounderCDtrack
01:13 pmCathy WinterMarie LaveauBreath On My FireFlying FishCDtrack
01:17 pmDean GitterAnn BoleynGhost BalladsRiverside-Folklore SeriesCDtrack
01:24 pmCindy MangsenThe Haunted HunterSongs of ExperienceRedwing MusicCDtrack
01:28 pmHarry TuftMrs. RavoonAcross the Blue Ridge MountainsFolk-LegacyCDtrack
01:32 pmJudy CookAlison GrossIf You Sing SongsCreative Engineering, Inc.CDtrack
01:38 pmBob DyerGuinea SamSong TellerBig Canoe RecordsCDtrack
01:41 pmPeter BeagleMagicians WivesPeter BeagleIndependentCDtrack
01:45 pmStrawheadCharmFortunes of WarTraditional Sound RecordsCDtrack
01:49 pmGlenn OhrlinThe Hell-Bound TrainThe Hell-Bound TrainUniversity of IllinoisCDtrack
01:53 pmJohn McCutcheonHalloweenAutumn SongsRounderCDtrack
01:57 pmSparky & Rhonda RuckerMidnight ThirstMidnight MemoriesTremont ProductionsCDtrack