09:00 pmSouthern culture on the skidsDevil's stompin' groundZombiefiedIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmJonathan richmanVampire girlYou must ask the heartRounderCDtrack
09:00 pmBob dylanMan in the long black coatOh mercyColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmTom waitsBlack wingsBone machineIslandCDtrack
09:00 pmNick caveRed right handSongs in the key of XWarner brothersCDtrack
09:00 pmSwing raysHell-o-weenThe big monster bashScience fictionCDtrack
09:00 pmBobby boris pickettMonster mash partyMonster mashDeramCDtrack
09:00 pmVerbtonesCarnival of soulsWitching hourIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmJohn wesley hardingIf you have ghostsWhere the pyramid meets the eyeSireCDtrack
09:00 pmFiresign theaterGraverobber's roadshowBride of firesignRhinoCDtrack
10:00 pmMarianne faithfulAloneClose on account of rabiesParisCDtrack
10:00 pmDanny elfmanUngodly experimentsThe witching hourIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmZuzu & john zornTears of bloodMatrixIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmJohnny cashDelia's goneAmerican recordingsDef americanCDtrack
10:00 pmRasputinaGingerbread coffinThe witching hourIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmMichael hurleyThe werewolfArmchair boogieRounderCDtrack
10:00 pmJohn bartelsI cut my own head offHalloweeniesIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmScreamin' jay hawkinsFeast of the mau mausMonster rock and roll partyIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmDr. john the nighttripperGris gris gumbo ya yaGris grisCollector's choiceCDtrack
10:00 pmRoky ericksonThe creature with the atom brainNew wave halloweenRhinoCDtrack
10:00 pmStereophonic space soundFear themeHell-o-weenIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmKing memphisCrazy alien chickBig monster bashSci fiCDtrack
10:00 pmRicky dean sinatraZombie schoolBad car wreckIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmThe crampsGoo goo muckPsychedelic jungleIRSCDtrack
10:00 pmAndre williamsPardon me but i've got someone to killRed dirtBloodshotCDtrack