11:00 amDiane DiachishinLeadville LadyNow is the Time for a SongIndieCDtrack
11:03 amSons of the PioneersCool WaterRCA Country LengendsRCACDtrack
11:05 amSteve GilletteWhen the First Leaves FallA Sense of PlaceRedwing MusicCDtrack
11:11 amTracy NelsonSoul of SadnessThe Best of Tracy Nelson/Mother EarthWarner Catalog & O/HCDtrack
11:14 amAnn ZimmermanBad Attitude BluesLove and WeatherA-Z musicCDtrack
11:19 amCozy SheridanSome FiresCozy SheridanWind RiverCDtrack
11:23 amRailroad EarthLonecroft RambleAmen CornerSCI FidelityCDtrack
11:25 amDick Barrett & Paul AnastasioFaded LoveTwin Fiddle Western SwingDick Barrett & Paul AnastasioCDtrack
11:29 amTracy NelsonSeven Bridges RoadThe Best fo Tracy Nelson/Mother EarthWarner Catalog andO/HCDtrack
11:31 amDavid RothDon't Should on MeDavid RothIndieCDtrack
11:35 amTish HinojasEstrellitaAguella NocheWatermelonCDtrack
11:38 amGuy ClarkSouth Coast of TexasKeepersSugar HillCDtrack
11:43 amKC GrovesCan You Hear ItCan You Hear ItIndieCDtrack
11:46 amChieftainsWhen a Man's in LoveBoil the Breakfast EarlyColumbia/LegacyCDtrack
11:50 amIan & SylviaRed VelvetEarly Morning RainVanguardCDtrack
11:54 amMerle & Doc WatsonMiss the Mississippi and YouRemembering MerleSugar HillCDtrack
11:59 amRain DogsGirlish DaysRain DogsMedia ServicesCDtrack
12:03 pmGuy ClarkIndian Head PennyCold Dog SoupSugar HillCDtrack
12:08 pmPhil CooperOld BonesFebruary SkyFebruary Sky FolkCDtrack
12:12 pmRik PalieriJust Too Old to Still Die YoungUnreleasedIndieCDtrack
12:20 pmBill and Bonnie HearneNew Mexico RainDiamonds in the RoughWarner Bros./WesCDtrack
12:26 pmChris WilliamsonDreamchildChanger and the ChangedWolf Moon RecordsCDtrack
12:32 pmDavid RothMay the Light of LoveRising in LoveFolk EraCDtrack
12:37 pmDan FogelbergHigh Country SnowsHigh Country SnowsSorryCDtrack
12:49 pmCheckered PastFortunes FoolFortunes FoolIndieCDtrack
12:55 pmCheckered PastBack in the CityFortunes FoolIndieCDtrack
01:00 pmEnd of showEnd of showEnd of showEnd of showCDtrack
01:00 pmEnd of showShow overShow overShow overCDtrack