08:59 amCyril nevilleCream them beansThe essential cyril nevilleMc recordsCDtrack
09:06 amMichael bramIt dont matter where you get your appetiteSuitcase in the hallVizztoneCDtrack
09:09 amCarey bellStop running aroundSecond natureAlligatorCDtrack
09:14 amFloyd mcdanielWest side babyWest side babyDelmarkCDtrack
09:18 amGuy davisSlow motion daddySweetheart like youRed houseCDtrack
09:24 amErnest jamesShake it sugaree3 steps from lalaJam rat recordsCDtrack
09:28 amSista monicaCookin with greaseCan't keep a good woman downMumuscleCDtrack
09:37 amJohn nemethCountry boyBlues liveNemeth musicCDtrack
09:42 amJohn nemethShe belong to meBlues liveNemeth musicCDtrack
09:46 amIan siegalHard pressedCandy store kidNugene recordsCDtrack
09:52 amJimmy reedTake out some insuranceNighttime bluesMusic internationalCDtrack
09:55 amJimmy reedAint that loving youNighttime bluesMusic internationalCDtrack
09:58 amGuy forsytheMakeing moneySteakAntonesCDtrack
10:00 amEric bibbIn my fathers houseDiamond daysTelarcCDtrack
10:06 amJohnny langMatchboxLie to meA&mCDtrack
10:10 amJohnny langRack em upLie to meA&mCDtrack
10:16 amJohn moheadGood morning amsterdamRural electricRoosterCDtrack
10:21 amJohn moheadTrain leaving lulaRural electricRoosterCDtrack
10:25 amSamantha fishMonkey see monkey doLive baitIndepCDtrack
10:30 amStevie ray vaughanThe house is arockinThe essential stevie ray vaughanEpicCDtrack
10:37 amAlex jenkins and the bombersLook what the cat dragged inCreepin after midnightIndepCDtrack
10:40 amLittle charlie and the night catsThats bigThats bigAllgatorCDtrack
10:44 amLittle charlie and the night catsReal loveThat's bigAlligatorCDtrack
10:50 amJames brownKansas cityLive at the apolloUniversalCDtrack
10:53 amHoney island swamp bandNatural born foolWishing wellOnyxCDtrack
10:57 amCharlie woodCant teach that stuffLuckyInside soundCDtrack
11:07 amTullie braeCadillac bluesEverything turns blueIndepCDtrack
11:14 amTullie braeLieEverything turns blueIndepCDtrack
11:23 amAlbert collinsBut i was coolDeluxe editionAlligatorCDtrack
11:26 amAlbert collinsI aint drunkDeluxe editionAlligatorCDtrack
11:30 amTeresa jamesShes got a way with menCome on homeJosiluCDtrack
11:46 amJimmy hallDont hit me no moreRendevous with the bluesCapricornCDtrack
11:54 amMavis staplesPops recipeHave a little faithAlligatorCDtrack
11:56 amPaul thornI dont like half the folks i lovePimps and preachersPerpetual obscurityCDtrack