12:01 amBill MillerTrail of FreedomThe Red RoadWarner NashvilleCDtrack
12:02 amEithne Ni Uallachain, Gerry O'Connor and Desi WilkinsonNeilli Nic DhonaillCoas Gan BhrogaGael LinnCDtrack
12:06 amKarine PolwartStrange NewsTracesBorealisCDtrack
12:07 amCapercaillieS' Och A' Dhomhnaill Oig GhaolaichAt the Heart of It AllCompass RecordsCDtrack
12:11 amThe ChairThe Road to Hammer JunkieThe Road to Hammer JunkieFolky GibbonCDtrack
12:12 amGavin WhelanNeither a High Place nor a Low PlaceCatch the AirClo Iar-ConnachtCDtrack
12:15 amKarine PolwartHalf a MileTracesBorealisCDtrack
12:16 amDervishThe Green Gowned LassThe Thrush in the StormWhirling DiscsCDtrack
12:21 amLumiereCailin Deas Cruite na mBoMy Dearest DearIRL Recordings UKCDtrack
12:25 amEamonn Coyne and Kris DreverFarewell to StromnessStorymapCompass RecordsCDtrack
12:25 amMary DillonBallyronan MaidNorthBack Lane RecordsCDtrack
12:29 amShane McAleerJohnny Leary'sLong Time, No SeeShane McAleerCDtrack
12:29 amNiamh Ni CharraThe Lonesome Road to Dingle/ Dave Kennedy's Gift/ Cuz Teahan's Favourite/ The Nuns' CuttingsCuz: A Tribute to Terry "Cuz" TeahanCD BabyCDtrack
12:33 amPadraig Rynne, Donal Lunny and Sylvain BarouIt's a Thought When You Think About It/ The Slide from Grace/ The Star Above the GarterTriadRlb RecordsCDtrack
12:35 amPadraig Rynne, Donal Lunny and Sylvain BarouYou Tell Me/ Mary Rynne'sTriadRlb RecordsCDtrack
12:39 amRantBack Home in OnsbackenRantMake Believe RecordsCDtrack
12:41 amLumiereYe JacobitesMy Dearest DearIRL Recordings UKCDtrack
12:42 amMoya Brennan and Cormac de BarraCruiscin LanAffinityBeo RecordsCDtrack
12:45 amNiamh Ni CharraThe Dolly Varden/ Moll RoeCuz: A Tribute to Terry "Cuz" TeahanCD BabyCDtrack
12:46 amLeonard BarryApples in Winter/ Peatai Leary's/ Tom Billy'sNew RoadLeonard BarryCDtrack
12:47 amColm NaughtonShady GroveThe Space Between the NotesColm NaughtonCDtrack
12:50 amBill MillerSacred GroundCedar Dream SongsCool Springs Music GroupCDtrack
12:53 amCatriona McKay and Olov JohanssonRory Dall's PortThe Auld HarpOlov Johansson MusicCDtrack
12:56 amBill MillerMy PeopleThe Red RoadWarner NashvilleCDtrack
12:57 amShane McAleerScatter the MudLong Time, No SeeShane McAleerCDtrack
04:00 pmOfficina ZoeCu Lli SuspiriFRoots41: PugliaFRootsCDtrack
04:11 pmRoberto MuroloTorna e SurrientoRoberto MuroloBmg Int'lCDtrack
04:15 pmLuigino Saderi and Nanni SerraFiura BagariaBalli SardiIndependentCDtrack
04:18 pmTenores Di BittiSardinia SoundscapeS'amore 'e MamaReal World RecordsCDtrack
04:19 pmElena Ledda and SuonofficinaS'abba de Su NieE SonosBiberCDtrack
04:25 pmGruppo Corale FolkTeresineDesiderio AbruzzeseIndependentCDtrack
04:27 pmLa Piva Dal CarnerMary Dem/IcioRough Guide to the Music of ItalyWorld Music NetworkCDtrack
04:30 pmFranco MazzitelliCalabrisellaNostalgia della CalabriaDuck RecordsCDtrack
04:35 pmTenores Di BittiT'AmoS'amore 'e MamaReal World RecordsCDtrack
04:36 pmArakne MediterraneaStrinaFRoots41:PugliaFRootsCDtrack
04:41 pmI Baronetti and Pino D'olbiaCorsicanellaWelcome to SardiniaDuck RecordsCDtrack
04:45 pmBorzacchini and LordiDon PeppiAbruzzo in FioreDuck RecordsCDtrack
04:47 pmArindelaBeicaRough Guide to the Music of ItalyWorld Music NetworkCDtrack
04:49 pmFrancesco Demuru, Emanuele Bazzoni and Daniele GalllaraMi e LaSardinia: Cantu a ChiterraOcora Radio-FranceCDtrack
04:57 pmAnna Cinzia VillaniTridici steleFimmana, mare e focuAnima Mundo EdizioniCDtrack