08:00 pmThe wailersStop that trainCatch a fireIslandCDtrack
08:00 pmJames brownGot to moveIn the jungle groovePolydorCDtrack
08:00 pmMemphis minnieHoodoo ladyHoodoo ladyColumbiaCDtrack
08:00 pmJohn mayallI'm a strangerBare wireLondonCDtrack
08:00 pmSkip jamesHow longSkip james todayVanguardCDtrack
08:00 pmTangerine dreamCirculation of eventsThe collectionEMICDtrack
08:00 pmPink floydSet the controls for the heart of the sunUmmagummaEMICDtrack
08:00 pmThe teardrop explodesThe great dominionsFloored geniusIslandCDtrack
08:00 pmBlue aeroplanesWho built this station in the midwestFriendloverplaneFireCDtrack
08:00 pmRon sexsmithSame old eyesRaritiesRonboyCDtrack
08:00 pmKitty, daisy and lewisTomorrowSmokin' in heavenVerveCDtrack
08:00 pmTom waitsTell meBad as meAntiCDtrack
08:00 pmNeil youngBad fog of lonelinessArchives vol. 1RepriseCDtrack
08:00 pmMuddy watersI don't know whyOne more mileChessCDtrack
08:00 pmBilly joe shaverIf i give my soulTramp on your streetZooCDtrack
09:00 pmRichard & linda thompsonYou're gonna need somebodySunnyvistaChrysalisCDtrack
09:00 pmMarta sebestyenGold and silver or loveKismetRykoCDtrack
09:00 pmLeonard cohenBird on a wireLive songsColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmThe lower 48Smoke will riseWhere maps endsIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmThe waterboysSweet dancerAn appointment with mr. yeatsEMICDtrack
09:00 pmJules shearWhispering your nameWatchdogEMICDtrack
09:00 pmJules shearI want to fallDreams don't countMadCDtrack
09:00 pmJules shearThe sad sound of the windThe great puzzlePolygramCDtrack
09:00 pmLouis armstrongLong long journeyBest of the complete RCA recordingsRCACDtrack