11:00 amLonnie JohnsonHave to Change Keys to Play Thess BluesSteppin' On The BluesColumbiaCDtrack
11:03 amRy CooderRally' Round the FlagBoomer's StoryReprisalCDtrack
11:06 amPete SeegerRifleman of BenningtonAmerican Favorite BalladsSmithsonianCDtrack
11:08 amSparky & Rhonda RuckerThedford Saga, Bonnie Blue Flag, Cumberland GapThe Blue & Gray In Black & WhiteFlying FishCDtrack
11:12 amGamble RogersTwo Little BoysOklawahw County/Laissez FaireOklawaha CountyCDtrack
11:15 amSparky & Rhonda RuckerGlory Hallelujah Suite/ Say Brothers will You Meet Us/Glory Glory Hallelujah/Battle Hymn of the RepublicThe Blue & Gray in Black & WhiteFlying FishCDtrack
11:20 amPete SeegerJohnny Has Gone for a SoldierAmerican Favorite BalladsSmithsonianCDtrack
11:22 amFaith PetricTenting TonightFaith's FavoritesIndieCDtrack
11:27 amThe New Lost City Rambler'sThe Battleship of Main50 YearsSmithsonianCDtrack
11:30 amPete SeegerArmy LifeAmerican Favorite BalladsSmithsonianCDtrack
11:37 amJimmie RogersSoldier's SweetheartThe Singing BrakemanIndieCDtrack
11:42 amJohn McCutcheonChristmas in the TrenchesChristmas in the TrenchesIndieCDtrack
11:45 amMaybelle, Sara, & AP CarterDying SoldierThe Carter FamilyIndieCDtrack
11:48 amJack WilliamsI'm Sittin' on top of the WorldLong RoadIndieCDtrack
11:50 amWoody GuthrieThe Sinking of the Reuben JamesMy Dusty Road/Greatest HitsIndieCDtrack
11:52 amJosh WhiteFreedom RoadThat's Why We're MarchingSmithsonianCDtrack
11:55 amLarry PennSgt. PilscoWar StoriesCookiemanCDtrack
11:58 amThw New Lost City RamblersPrivate John Q50 YearsSmithsonianCDtrack
12:01 pmPete SeegerNow That It's OverThat's Why We're MarchingSmithsonianCDtrack
12:03 pmLarry PennDewey PrattWar StoriesCookiemanCDtrack
12:08 pmUtah PhillipsIntor to Troops LamentStarlight on the the Rails /A Song BookDaemonCDtrack
12:11 pmUtah PhillipsTrooper's LamentStarlight on the Rails/ A Song BookDaemonCDtrack
12:13 pmLarry PennThe SullivansWar StoriesCookiemanCDtrack
12:16 pmJohn PrineSam StoneGreat Days AnthologyRhinoCDtrack
12:19 pmRobin & Linda Williams50,000 NamesRadio SongsIndieCDtrack
12:25 pmJoel MabusToch a Name on the WallThe Naked TruthIndieCDtrack
12:32 pmMalvina ReynoldsWe Hate to see Them GoMalvina ReynoldsIndieCDtrack
12:36 pmLarry PennSins of the FatherLarry PennCookiemanCDtrack
12:42 pmBob Bove & Gail HeilGoin' Down to CairoFor Old Times SakeIndieCDtrack
12:45 pmEnd of showEndEndEndCDtrack