08:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansEssential cyril nevilleMcCDtrack
08:05 amBlind boys of alabamaTheres got to be a change madeCollectors editionFuelCDtrack
08:08 amRockin jakeFull time workFull time workZuluzu recordsCDtrack
08:12 amMike morgan and the crawlThe blues have come my wayFull moon over dallasBlacktopCDtrack
08:15 amThe kinsey reportThat's itStanding i'll beIndepCDtrack
08:19 amLouisiana redPrison blues #1Sitting here wonderingEarwigCDtrack
08:28 amDerek trucksBlind crippled and crazySong line liveSonyCDtrack
08:37 amScrapomaticI want the truthSidewalk caesarsLandslideCDtrack
08:38 amRainmakersDownstreamRainmakersPolygramCDtrack
08:42 amRainmakersBig fat blondRainmakersPolygramCDtrack
08:45 amCorey stevensMy love for you has diedBring on the bluesFuel 2000CDtrack
08:50 amEddy clearwaterToo old to get marriedWest side strutAlligatorCDtrack
08:54 amTed hawkinsStrange conversationThe next hundred yearsDgcCDtrack
08:58 amTed hawkinsThere stands the glassThe next hundred yearsDgcCDtrack
09:04 amKenny nealHoodoo moonDeluxe editionAlligatorCDtrack
09:08 amKeb moDangerous moodKeb moOkehCDtrack
09:12 amKeb moSoon as i get paidKeb moOkehCDtrack
09:22 amPaul delayWhats coming nextDelay does chicagoEvidenceCDtrack
09:28 amPaul delayCome on homeDelay does chicagoEvidenceCDtrack
09:31 amToni priceWalk out the front doorLow down and upAntonesCDtrack
09:35 amHoney island swamp bandSophisticated mamaWishing wellOnyxCDtrack
09:40 amWc clarkSnatching it backFrom austin with soulAlligatorCDtrack
09:44 amEden brentMississippi number oneMississippi number oneYellowdogCDtrack
09:50 amPhantom blues bandWho's been sleeping in my bedPhantom blues bandUltrafone studiosCDtrack
09:55 amChris duarteC-butt rockTexas sugarSilvertoneCDtrack
10:01 amGuy davisSkunkmello's dance of the chickensSkunkmelloRed houseCDtrack
10:05 amAlbert collinsBut i was coolDeluxe editionAlligatorCDtrack
10:09 amAlbert collinsCold cutsDeluxe editionAlligatorCDtrack
10:15 amWilliam clarkeBlowin the family jewelsDeluxe editionAlligatorCDtrack
10:18 amWilliam clarkePawn shop boundDeluxe editionAlligatorCDtrack
10:24 amPaul thornRocksStill no hitsPerpetual obscurityCDtrack
10:28 amPaul thornWe may not have a futureStill no hitsPerpetual obscurityCDtrack
10:31 amCarey bellMy love strikes like lighteningGood luck manAlligatorCDtrack
10:35 amJimmy hallHere i amBuild your own fireZohoCDtrack
10:40 amJimmy hallI found a true loveBuild your own fireZohoCDtrack
10:44 amSusan wyldeIn the lightIn the lightSun moon starsCDtrack
10:47 amEric bibbThe promised landGet on boardTelarcCDtrack
10:50 amEric bibbStay on freedomGet on boardTelarcCDtrack
10:55 amJaniva magnessBlues aint prettyBlues aint prettyBlue leafCDtrack