11:00 amThree Mile StonePiper on Horseback/Mullingar Lea/Molloy's FavoriteThree Mile StoneThree Mile StoneCDtrack
11:04 amBuffalo GalsAngelsWon't You Come Out Tonight?Indie Europe/ZoomCDtrack
11:07 amCrooked StillI'm TroubledSome Strange CountrySignature SoundsCDtrack
11:10 amBuffalo GalsReubenWon't You Come Out Tonight?Indie Europe/ZoomCDtrack
11:19 amLissa SchneckenburgerRory O'MoreDanceCD BabyCDtrack
11:24 amSheeMacCrimmon'sA Different SeasonShee RecordsCDtrack
11:31 amRay CooperYe Jacobites by Name/Sir Archibald MacDonald of KeppochTales of Love, War and Death by HangingPhantasm ImportsCDtrack
11:40 amSaltfishfortyA Ring on Her HandNetherbowSaltfishfortyCDtrack
11:48 amSaltfishfortyThe Locks at AthyNetherbowSaltfishfortyCDtrack
11:49 amOld Dance SchoolSpaghetti PanicForecastThe Old Dance ScholCDtrack
11:56 amThree Mile StoneOld InnishowanThree Mile StoneThree Mile StoneCDtrack
11:59 amEwan RobertsonShip in OrderSome Kind of CertaintyGreentrax Recordings/CelticCDtrack
12:04 pmThree Mile StoneRodney's Glory/Love Will You Marry Me/John Stenson'sThree Mile StoneThree Mile StoneCDtrack
12:09 pmNancy Kerr and James FaganQueen of WatersTwice Reflected SunNavigatorCDtrack
12:17 pmLissa SchneckenburgerPetronellaDanceCD BabyCDtrack
12:22 pmPaul McKenna BandThe Banks of NewfoundlandStem the TideMad River RecordsCDtrack
12:26 pmEwan McLennanYorkshire RegimentRags & RobesFellside RecordingsCDtrack
12:35 pmEwan RobertsonKing of RomeSome Kind of CertaintyGreentraxCDtrack
12:40 pmEwan McLennanAuld Lang SyneRags & RobesFellsideCDtrack
12:45 pmOld Dance SchoolStrange HighwayForecastThe Old Dance SchoolCDtrack
12:50 pmRuairidh MacMillanOoh, Pierre!TyroGreentrax RecordingsCDtrack
12:56 pmNancy Kerr & James FaganQueen of WatersTwice Reflected SunNavigatorCDtrack