08:00 pmWilliam elliott whitmoreNot feeling any painField songsAntiCDtrack
08:00 pmGregoary scott slayMoony pt 1/keep it secretHorsethief beatsHorsethief recordsCDtrack
08:00 pmAngel dean & sue garnerDark skyPot liquorDieselCDtrack
08:00 pmGrizzly bearCentral and remoteYellow houseIndependentCDtrack
08:00 pmThe envy corpsPalace on stiltsIt culls youIndependentCDtrack
08:00 pmMarijataI walk aloneThis is marijataIndependentCDtrack
08:00 pmMingo saldivarImpossibleOne worldRounderCDtrack
08:00 pmBrother jack mcduffMade in swedenMoon rappin'Blue noteCDtrack
08:00 pmThe medallionsHome townSarg rockers vol. 1CollectorCDtrack
08:00 pmTroy fergusonAt the jamboreeBison bop vol. 7Buffalo bopCDtrack
08:00 pmTony dalyLike the big man saidTake my tipEMICDtrack
08:00 pmJacques dutroncLes cactusBest of jacques dutroncVogueCDtrack
09:00 pmKaren elsonStolen rosesThe ghost who walksThird manCDtrack
09:00 pmTom waitsShe stole the blushBad as meAntiCDtrack
09:00 pmGreg brownWhere are you goin..Freak flagRed houseCDtrack
09:00 pmHolly golightlyAround the housesTruly she is none otherDamaged goodsCDtrack
09:00 pmSlobberboneBarrel chestedBarrel chestedDoolittle recordsCDtrack
09:00 pmTouchDown at circe's placeTouchIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmThe paupersSouth down roadEllis islandVerveCDtrack
09:00 pmThe serpent powerGently, gentlyThe serpent powerVanguardCDtrack
09:00 pmGordon jacksonThe journeyThinking backEMICDtrack
09:00 pmBuffy st marieUniversal soldierVangaurd collector's editionVanguardCDtrack
09:00 pmBuffy st mariePoppiesIlluminationsVanguardCDtrack
09:00 pmBuffy st marieBad endCoincidence and likely storiesEnsignCDtrack
09:00 pmGeorge harrisonWoman don't you cry for meLiving in the material worldCapitolCDtrack