03:11 amMartin Carthy and Dave SwarbrickThe Two MagiciansBoth Ears and the TailGadflyCDtrack
10:59 amMartin Carthy and Dave SwarbrickThe Leitrim Fancy/Drowsy Maggie/Staten Island/The Corbie and the CrawBoth Ears and the TailGadflyCDtrack
11:06 amYoung TraditionChicken on a RaftGalleriesVanguardCDtrack
11:10 amCorriesNorth Sea HolesBonnet, Belt and SwordBang OnCDtrack
11:11 amClancy Brothers and Tommy MakemShoals of HerringIn Person at Carnegie HallSony LegacyCDtrack
11:15 amChieftainsBanish Misfortune/Gillian's ApplesChieftains 2CladdaghCDtrack
11:19 amSam LarnerUp Jumped the HerringSinging the FishingTopicCDtrack
11:21 amEwan MacColl etcCome All You Gallant FishermenSinging the FishingTopicCDtrack
11:22 amJean RedpathA' the Week Yer Man's Awa'A Woman of Her TimeCeltic AmericaCDtrack
11:28 amDave SwarbrickDill Pickle RagRags, Reels and AirsTopicCDtrack
11:32 amCorriesBring Back My Granny to Me/My Brother Bill's a FiremanBonnet, Belt and SwordBang OnCDtrack
11:33 amClancy Brothers and Tommy MakemGalway BayIn Person at Carnegie HallSony LegacyCDtrack
11:36 amClancy Brothers and Tommy MakemPatriot GameIn Person at Carnegie HallSony LegacyCDtrack
11:39 amDave Swarbrick and Martin CarthyThe Wind That Shakes the BarleyBoth Ears and the TailGadflyCDtrack
11:44 amElizabeth CrottyThe Wind that Shakes the Barley/The Reel with the BerylConcertina Music from West ClareCladdaghCDtrack
11:46 amCorriesParcel O' RoguesBonnet, Belt and SwordBang OnCDtrack
11:51 amLeo RowsomeAn Buachaill Caol Dubh (The Dark Slender Boy)The King of the PipersCladdaghCDtrack
11:54 amJoe HeaneyBean PhaidinThe Road from ConnemaraTopicCDtrack
12:01 pmYoung TraditionWondrous LoveGalleriesVanguardCDtrack
12:04 pmJoe HeaneyMy Bonny Boy is YoungThe Road from ConnemaraTopicCDtrack
12:08 pmYoung TraditionWhat If a DayNo RelationCastle - Old NumbersCDtrack
12:14 pmEwan MacCollPity's LamentationBroadside Ballads vol. 1 - LondonSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:22 pmEwan MacCollRoom for CompanyBroadside Ballads, vol. 1 - LondonSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:28 pmNotoriousOld Aunt Jenny with her Nightgown On/ElkinsElkinsIndependentCDtrack
12:33 pmNotoriousRomanian Train SongElkinsIndependentCDtrack
12:37 pmChieftainsThe Musical Priest/The Queen of MayThe Best of the Claddagh YearsCladdaghCDtrack
12:41 pmEddie and Finbar FureyDainty DavyThe CollectionCastle - Old NumbersCDtrack
12:44 pmLeo RowsomeCarolan's Concerto/Planxty DavisThe King of PipersCladdaghCDtrack
12:49 pmWillie ClancyLangstern PonyThe Minstrel from ClareGreen LinnetCDtrack
12:51 pmYoung TraditionThe Barley StrawNo RelationCastle - Old NumbersCDtrack
12:54 pmEddie and Finbar FureyCome by the HillsThe CollectionCastle - Old NumbersCDtrack
12:58 pmDave SwarbrickBottom of the Punch Bowl/The Swallow Tail/Marquis of TullybardineRags, Reels and AirsTopicCDtrack