01:00 pmSonny RollinsThe Surrey with the Fringe on TopNewk's TimeBlue NoteCDtrack
01:07 pmJoe WilliamsEv'ry Day (I Fall in Love)Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams SingsNot specifiedCDtrack
01:12 pmOscar Peterson(Back Home Again in) IndianaStuff Smith/Dizzy Gillespie/Oscar PetersonNot specifiedCDtrack
01:16 pmMilkt Jackson QuintetWheelin' and Dealin'That's the Way iIt IsNot specifiedCDtrack
01:20 pmMiles DavisOleaComplete Live at the Plugged NickelNot specifiedCDtrack
01:26 pmSteven BernsteinViper SongWe Are MTONot specifiedCDtrack
01:35 pmIngrid JensenI Love YouVernal FieldsNot specifiedCDtrack
01:42 pmMasada Quintet featuring Joe LovanoSerakelStolasNot specifiedCDtrack
01:47 pmJaleel ShawLove for SaleOptimismNot specifiedCDtrack
01:54 pmVijay Iyer TrioBig BrotherHistoricityNot specifiedCDtrack
02:01 pmCassandra WilsonA Day in the Life of a FoolSilver PonyNot specifiedCDtrack
02:07 pmSteve Coleman, Dave HollandAh-Leu-ChaPhase SpaceNot specifiedCDtrack
02:16 pmMaria Schneider Jazz OrchestraGreen PieceEvanescenceNot specifiedCDtrack
02:25 pmSidsel EnderssenHere the MoonExileNot specifiedCDtrack
02:27 pmWaynbe ShorterOn Wings of SongBeyond the Sound BarrierNot specifiedCDtrack
02:33 pmGonzolo RubalcabaOroFeNot specifiedCDtrack
02:40 pmKurt RosenwinkleAsk Me NowStandards Trio: ReflectionsNot specifiedCDtrack
02:45 pmNathan Hanson & Brian RoesslerBellsBellfoundingNot specifiedCDtrack
02:50 pmBill McKemey5 Years GoneDuendeNot specifiedCDtrack
02:54 pmThe Bad PlusNever StopNever StopNot specifiedCDtrack