07:59 amROBERT JOHNSONCome on in my kitchenBest ofSonyCDtrack
08:03 amJake learGoing back homeDiamonds and stonesJake learCDtrack
08:08 amCarolina chocolate dropsOl corn lickerDona got a rambling mindMusic makerCDtrack
08:12 amSean costelloYoure part of meMoanin for molassesLandslideCDtrack
08:15 amSean costelloOne kissMoanin for molassesLandslideCDtrack
08:19 amLittle miltonBlues comes knockinWelcome to little miltonMalacoCDtrack
08:22 amBoogaloo amesBoogaloo's boogieBoogaloo's boogieLittle boogalooCDtrack
08:25 amEden brentSend me to the electric chairSomething coolLittle boogalooCDtrack
08:31 amChubby carrierI dont know what you came to doLive at knuckleheadsSwampadelicCDtrack
08:36 amBb kingNobody loves me but my motherThe ultimate collectionUniversalCDtrack
08:39 amBb kingChains and thingsThe ultimate collectionUniversalCDtrack
08:46 amGrayson cappsPoisonWail and rideHyenaCDtrack
08:50 amJimmy d laneOne room country shackLegacyApoCDtrack
08:56 amHadden sayersBring it to me slowlySwingin from the fabulous satelliteIndepCDtrack
09:02 amHadden sayersTrippin down in mexicoSwingin from the fabulous satelliteIndepCDtrack
09:09 amChute nineMexican dogCd texCd texCDtrack
09:14 amMichelle wilsonShifting sandTry to make a little loveBullseyeCDtrack
09:20 amFast johnny rickerAm i savedBare bonesRadience recordCDtrack
09:24 amFast johnny rickerHow highBare bonesRadience recordCDtrack
09:30 amThe bel airsStrange thingsHoodoo partyBlueberry hillCDtrack
09:36 amE3ddie c campbellCool cool mamaHopes and dreamsRoosterCDtrack
09:41 amSusan tedeschiAloneWait for meTone coolCDtrack
09:44 amEddie c campbellIm' your santaHopes and dreamsRoosterCDtrack
09:48 amMark montgomeryTown topicTown topicEnnagramCDtrack
09:55 amGeorge thorogoodBo diddleyBest ofCapitolCDtrack
10:00 amTommy castroWake up callSoul shakerBlind pigCDtrack
10:05 amMoreland and arbuckleFishing hole1861Northern bluesCDtrack
10:10 amArlo guthrieAlices restaurantAlices restaurantWarnerCDtrack
10:31 amTim gonzalezStraight from the heartStraight from the heartTimbo 22 musicCDtrack
10:35 amBernard allisonJust do me any way you wantStorms of lifeTone coolCDtrack
10:41 amLuther allisonSoul fixin manSoul fixin manAlligatorCDtrack
10:44 amJoe louis walkerShade tree mechanicLive at slimsHightoneCDtrack
10:50 amAnders osborneStuck on my babyAsh wednesday bluesShanachieCDtrack
10:54 amJaniva magnessA woman knowsBury him at the crossroadsNorthern bluesCDtrack