07:00 pmThe DavidTime MNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:04 pmSavage ResurectionTahitian MelodyNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:07 pmPhilamore LincolnThe North Wind Blew SouthNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:10 pmPink FloydInterstellar OverdriveRelicsHarvest/CapitolCDtrack
07:21 pmEs ShadesWithout My LoveNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:24 pmFavorite SonsThat Driving BeatNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:26 pmSwamp RatsTill The End Of The DayNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:29 pmHuman ExpressionLove At A Psychedelic VelocityNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:31 pmKaleidoscopeI Found OutNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:33 pmPaul Revere & the RaidersAll I Really Need Is YouMidnight RideColumbiaCDtrack
07:40 pmFlat Earth SocietyMidnight HourNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:43 pmChris KennerI Like It Like ThatNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:45 pmSorrowsBabyNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:48 pmSenator BobbyWild ThingNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:53 pmTroggsA Girl Like YouNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:55 pmTornadosShe's GoneNoneNone givenCDtrack
07:57 pmLemon PipersTambourin VertNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:01 pmRufus ThomasWalking The DogNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:04 pmDelfonicsDidn't I Blow Your MindNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:07 pmSlim HarpoBaby Scratch My BackNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:10 pmJames BrownPapa's Got a Brand New BagNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:12 pmOtis ReddingTry A Little TendernessNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:18 pmFireFathers Name Was DadNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:21 pmKinksTired Of WaitingNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:23 pmDan OrkinDisc 7 Track 10Best Of ChickenmanDanodayCDtrack
08:26 pmCollectorsLydia PurpleNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:29 pmCarriage CompanyFeel RightNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:32 pmReverbsLie In The Shade Of The SunNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:36 pmMoorpark IntersectionThe FlowerNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:40 pmBeatlesI Feel FineLive At The Budokan 1966Apple FilmsCDtrack
08:42 pmAvengersBe A CavemanNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:44 pmGrassrootsFeelingsNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:46 pmLink WrayAce of SpadesNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:49 pmFlamingosI Only Have Eyes For YouNoneNone givenCDtrack
08:52 pmNapoleon XIVThey're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Haa...NoneNone givenCDtrack
08:56 pmShocking BlueThe Butterfly & INoneNone givenCDtrack