05:00 amEdgar VareseDensityThe Complete Works of Edgar Varese Vol. 1Cherry RedCDtrack
05:04 amDweezil ZappaEat That QuestionZappa Plays ZappaRazor & TieCDtrack
05:16 amFrank ZappaBrown Shoes Don't Make ItAnyway The Wind BlowsFooeee/RhinoCDtrack
05:23 amThe GrandmothersOrange County Lumber TruckA Night At The GewandhausWarner Strategic MarketingCDtrack
05:29 amJean Luc PontyTwenty Small CigarsKing KongBlue NoteCDtrack
05:35 amJean Luc PontyHow Would You Like To Have A Head Like ThatKing KongBlue NoteCDtrack
05:43 amDweezil ZappaUs and ThemProgressive Rock FriendsPurple PyramidCDtrack
05:51 amJimmy Carl BlackGoin' Back To TexasWhen Do We Get PaidCrossfireCDtrack
06:02 amFrank ZappaWatermelon In Easter HayJoe's Garage Acts II & IIIBarking PumpkinCDtrack
06:10 amJeff SimmonsI'm In The Music BusinessLucille Has Messed My Mind UpCollector's ChouceCDtrack
06:15 amJeff SimmonsLucille Has Messed My Mind UpLucille Has Messed My Mind UpCollector's ChoiceCDtrack
06:18 amDweezil ZappaTomorrow Never KnowsSongs The Beatles WroteGoldenlaneCDtrack
06:22 amDweezil ZappaRun Like HellThis Is Guitar GodsDeadlineCDtrack
06:27 amThe GrandmothersInvocation & Ritual Dance of The Young PumpkinEating The AstoriaObvious MusicCDtrack
06:34 amThe GrandmothersHungry Freaks DaddyEating The AstoriaObvious MusicCDtrack
06:37 amFrank ZappaMore Trouble Every DayZappa/Mothers Roxy and ElsewhereBarking PumpkinCDtrack
06:43 amSteve VaiWhispering A PrayerThe Infinite Steve VaiEpic/LegacyCDtrack
06:50 amSteve VaiFrankThe Infinite Steve VaiEpic/LegacyCDtrack
06:55 amFrank ZappaSystems of EdgesGuitarRyko/FZCDtrack