08:07 pmTexas rangersHand me down my walkin caneHand me downIndependentCDtrack
08:08 pmZeb turnerLose these bluesLose these bluesDeccaCDtrack
08:10 pmThomas hart bentonCindySaturday night at thb'sIndependentCDtrack
08:17 pmThe surf ridersHouse of the rising sunLive at the castaway clubIndependentCDtrack
08:19 pmCoon sandersNighthawk bluesCoon sandersDeccaCDtrack
08:24 pmLuis russellThe ghost of the freaksGhostVocalianCDtrack
08:26 pmHoagy carmichaelI walk the lineI walk the lineCapitolCDtrack
08:34 pmCharlie linvilleTexahoma boogieTexahoma boogieMeteorCDtrack
08:54 pmThe statesmenRoo buh dooRoo buh dooIndepCDtrack
09:04 pmRamroadsZig zagZig zagDeccaCDtrack
09:18 pmCurtis knightVoodoo womanVoodoo womanFireCDtrack
09:19 pmVernon garrettChristmas grooveChristmas grooveIndependentCDtrack