08:00 amJoe bonamassaBlue and evilBlue and evilJr adventuresCDtrack
08:05 amRobert johnsonCome on in my kitchenBest of robert johnsonSonyCDtrack
08:08 amMahalia jacksonGo tell it on the mountainMerry soulful christmasTime lifeCDtrack
08:11 amChris cainOn this fine morningSomewhere along the wayBlind pigCDtrack
08:15 amLevee townHouse partySnapshotIndepCDtrack
08:20 amIda mcbethWho is he and what is he to youSpecial requestBrc audioCDtrack
08:24 amNick mossIt'll turn aroundHere i amBlue bellaCDtrack
08:29 amBnois king, smokin joe kubekCome on inRoad dogs lifeDelta grooveCDtrack
08:39 amTodd sniderSlim chanceExcitement planYep roc recordsCDtrack
08:42 amJohn moheadWorking without a netLula city limitsOkratoneCDtrack
08:46 amStone cutters unionLightning boltPuñetazo de PumaIndepCDtrack
08:52 amBilly gibsonMississippiMississippiInside soundsCDtrack
08:56 amClarence carterBack door santaSoulful christmasTime lifeCDtrack
08:59 amSon sealsNo no babyMidnight sonAlligatorCDtrack
09:03 amSon sealsFour full seasons of loveMidnight sonAlligatorCDtrack
09:07 amJames mcmurtryHolidayChildish thingsCompadreCDtrack
09:12 amDoug macleodDubbs talkin politician bluesDubbBlack and tanCDtrack
09:17 amJames cottonCottonmouth manCottonmouth manAlligatorCDtrack
09:24 amThe healerThis is a man's worldLive at knuckleheadsBlue star connectionCDtrack
09:35 amJames brownSanta claus goes straight to the ghettoBest of james brownPolygramCDtrack
09:39 amCharles brownMerry christmas babyCool christmas bluesBullseyeCDtrack
09:43 amEarl kingSanta don't let me downBlues + mistletoeBlacktopCDtrack
09:49 amRobert wardWouldn't it be a merry christmasBlues + mistletoeBlacktopCDtrack
09:52 amBobby rushYou just like a dresserDown in louisianaDeep rushCDtrack
09:56 amPaul thornJoanie the jehova witness stripperLive at the package liquor storePerpetual obscurityCDtrack
10:02 amJohn lee hookerLeave my wife aloneThe definitive collectionUniversalCDtrack
10:05 amJohn lee hookerIt serves you right to sufferThe definitive collectionUniversalCDtrack
10:10 amJohn prineChristmas in prisonAnthologyRhinoCDtrack
10:13 amGrand marquisBlues + troubleBlues+troubleGrand marquis musicCDtrack
10:17 amGrace potterJoeyToothbrush and my tableRagged recordsCDtrack
10:23 amCamp hall and yordKansas cowboyOut of the canBig boneCDtrack
10:30 amAlbert bashorJukin down johnson streetCottonfield of dreamsEarwigCDtrack
10:34 amMavis staplesPop's recipeHave a little faithAlligatorCDtrack
10:39 amHolmes brothersPromise landBox of the bluesRounderCDtrack
10:42 amChute nineMexican dogLove +hateAudio grindCDtrack
10:49 amAnn peeblesAint no business like youBox of the bluesRounderCDtrack
10:53 amIrma thomasYou don't no nothing about loveBox of the bluesRounderCDtrack
10:56 amCandye kaneINot specifiedNot specifiedCDtrack